SINISTER KING Advent Calendar 2021

To follow up our busy release-schedule this fall we decided to create the SINISTER KING Advent Calendar for our fans and anyone else who might be interested. You can follow the competition by subscribing to our YouTube-channel and/or by going to the Advent Calendar-tab in our menu here at the webpage.


Our synth player Ole has made 12 rock/metal-versions of famous christmas songs, one for every other day of the Advent. In most of the songs Ole has changed the key, mode, tempo, rhytm and/or melody. The point is to guess which Christmas song he has rearranged. Since this is a contest that gives out prizes to the winners, some of the songs are quite difficult to guess. That is a feature not a bug, as playing the melodies without alteration would make it way too easy to get 12 correct answers. Most of the songs are internationally known, but some of them might be more well-known for our Norwegian audience.


The competition part of it works as follows. For every correct answer you get, we will put your name/email in a bowl. The answers are filled in a Google form that is linked to in the YouTube-videos on our channel. On Christmas Day we will draw winners who will receive Sinister King-merhandise. Even if you only get one correct answer you might still win a prize. Your odds are just lower than they could have been. For the second and third prize you only need a minimum of one correct answer, but to compete for the first prize you have to get a minimum of six correct answers. If someone manages to get all the answers correct they will get three additional names in the bowl, giving them a 15 divided by n chance of winning a prize.

Sinister King Advent Calendar – Prizes

  1. 1. prize = Sinister King Hoodie
  1. 2. prize = Sinister King T-shirt
Sinister King T-skjorte
  1. 3. prize = Sinister King Cap

If this sounds like something for you, please participate and share this post to friends who might also like to do so. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube-channel to stay updated about the SINISTER KING Advent Calendar🙂

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